Ava Anderson: Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals, Tambourines, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Nick Everett: Tracking, Arranging, and Performance of Electric Guitars, Organ, Mandolin, Backing Vocals

Jessie Jolly Brown: Mix Engineer, Assistant Producer

Sasha Stroud: Mastering Engineer, Artifact Audio NYC

Stephanie Anderson: cover photo, artwork by Ava

Released November 3, 2020. © All rights reserved.


Ava Anderson: Producer, Mix Engineer, Writer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jessie Jolly Brown: Engineer (except "Back To Earth" tracking Bobby Danzi)
Cameron Henry, Welcome To 1979, Nashville, TN: Mastering Engineer

Drums: Reed Silverstein (except "Back To Earth" Pedro Martinez)

Electric Guitars: Joe Sprunt (John Loffredo additional guitar for "Tennessee")
Bass: Ethan Cate (except "Last Call" True Swayne)

Violin: Emily Gelineau

Viola: Jeremy Green
Cello: Maeve Higgins
Additional Vocals: Michela McDonagh ("Tennessee"), Sam Lynagh ("Last Call"), Olivia Anderson ("Last Call"), Zanne Hanna ("Last Call"), Zachary Lewis-Towbes ("Last Call"), Amanda Frey ("Last Call")


Released October 26, 2018. © All rights reserved.

Ava Anderson: Vocals, Writer, Producer
Pedro Martinez: Drums
Trevor Mooney: Bass
Jared Davis: Guitars

Juan Diego Gaviria Diaz: Engineer, Producer, Guitars
Andres Felipe Abello: Basics Assistant Engineer 

Released May 12, 2017. © All rights reserved.

Ava Anderson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Writer, Producer

Uri Djemal: Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Mastered at Avatar Studios in New York City.


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Released May 28, 2012. © All rights reserved.